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Rococo offers a broad range of IT outsourcing services. Customers can outsource entire business processes or flexibly select necessary services according to their management policies.

IT Outsourcing Introduction

IT Outsourcing Services

We offer a range of services and solutions to meet clients' IT needs.

Structure of IT Outsourcing Services

On-site engineer support

Tailoring our offerings to customers' business, volume, and needs, we offer on-location staff ranging from a single expert to a large team of engineers. Below are some model cases that make optimal use of resident staff.

Technical help desk services

A range of information is isolated via channels like telephone, e-mail, on-site inquiries, and databases, escalated as needed, procedures filed and processed, and user management and creation of FAQs follows.

Kitting services

Application installation, environment setup, installation and troubleshooting, data deletion and disposal -- we handle every step of the process. If you are integrating your businesses or improving corporate security in a large-scale fashion, we can assist with updates to 5,000 machines or more.

■By combining Rococo's service menus/service systems, we can support IT-related services on one stop!

Benefits of using IT outsourcing

Overall optimum: pursuing overall optimums by summarizing and patterning as well as individual optimums.

By tailoring our offerings to customers' business, volume, and needs, we offer model cases of the most suitable resident staff ranging from a single expert to a large team of engineers.

■PCLM outsourcing example"

The Strength of Rococo

Response Capability Bolstered by Experience and Achievements

By drawing on our vast experience in supporting corporate IT life cycles, we flexibly respond to a wide range of business needs -- from IT strategy planning and drafting to infrastructure construction, operation, maintenance, Tech Support and Help Desks, system development, Call Centers and BPO.

Dispatch of Personnel with Outstanding Human Skills and 
Technical Skills

We dispatch full-time employees who have received IT education, not registered temporary workers, according to the needs of each customer.

Our dispatched personnel can perform not only assigned business activities, but also propose ideas for improving business operations.

Global Operation Utilizing Overseas Bases

By utilizing our overseas bases in China and the Philippines, we propose low-cost operation support.

Main Customer

  • Home appliance manufacturers
  • Computer manufacturers
  • Telecommunications companies
  • General trading company
  • Manufacturing wholesale business


  • Development
  • Printing/Publication/E-books
  • Call Center
  • IT Outsourcing
  • BPO


  • Maintenance Development
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  • Help Desk
  • Network and Server Configuration and Operation
  • Consultants